The show that started it all. LoadingReadyRun started in 2003 as a way for Bionic Trousers Media co-founders Graham Stark and Paul Saunders to practice their video production skills by producing a weekly sketch comedy series. Now, many years later, LRR is still going strong, producing a new comedy video every week without fail.

LoadingReadyRun videos have been featured at the Vancouver Island Film Festival, the Comic Con International Film Festival, and shown on major TV networks such as G4 TechTV, The CW, TruTV, NBC, Channel 4 (UK), Channel 5 (UK), MTV and CNN. The LoadingReadyRun Crew have been invited as guests and delivered panels at Calgary Comic Expo, PAX, Magfest, Anime Evolution, and the Escapist Expo and have performed at W00tstock and the Victoria Fringe Festival.

While all distribution rights for LoadingReadyRun video are held by Bionic Trousers, they have been hosted by The Escapist Magazine since 2010 in a cross promotional deal.

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