Friday Night Episode 1 "Untap"

March 15, 2013

Friday Nights Season 2!

That’s right! Thanks to all our wonderful fans that watched, enjoyed and tweeted about the first season (available on DVD), Wizards of the Coast has commissioned a second season of Friday Nights! Arriving once a month, Friday Nights will continue to follow the commodoreHustle crew as they play Magic: The Gathering and get into all sorts of trouble. Check out the first episode on


March 1, 2013

Strip Search

It is finally here! The first and only web cartoonist reality show! 12 incredibly talented artists will enter, but only one will win the prize money and a year long contract with Penny Arcade.

Bionic Trousers has been working with Penny Arcade for almost a year to make this show a reality. From initial concepts to production planning to filming to editing and more, Strip Search has been one of our largest projects to date and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Be sure to check back on PATV every Tuesday and Friday for new episodes and click Continue to check out the official teaser trailer.



February 28, 2013

Welcome to!

Bionic Trousers Media has existed as a company since 2008, but it took us five years for us to find the time to make a site to put everything we’ve created in one place!

Co-founded by Graham Stark and Paul Saunders, Bionic Trousers Media has amassed one of the largest, most diverse portfolios of  internet video series ever created. We currently produce four weekly comedy video series: LoadingReadyRunFeed Dump, Unskippable and CheckPoint. In addition we also take on work-for-hire projects for corporate clients such as Friday Nights for Wizards of the Coast and Strip Search, our new reality TV Show co-produced with Penny Arcade. If you would like to inquire about working with Bionic Trousers Media for your online video project, please contact us.