About Us

In 2003, two guys named Graham Stark and Paul Saunders decided to start making weekly sketch comedy videos, mostly for their own amusement, but also to improve their writing, filmmaking and editing skills. This weekly sketch comedy show was called LoadingReadyRun, and it soon gained a small but loyal fan base, which over the years has became a large but loyal fan base. Over the years, one show has become many, and we are now a leader in producing web TV, leveraging our years of experience in managing multiple weekly shows to deliver high production values with quick turnaround time and low overhead costs.

In 2008, we formed Bionic Trousers Media in order to take on a multitude of new projects, and since then we have created original series for Wizards of the Coast, The Escapist Magazine, Penny Arcade and MTGOAcademy.com. We have also produced promotional videos for corporate clients such as Nimblebit, AT&T, Big Fish Games, and others. Our specialty is creating smart, funny content that appeals specifically to an online audience.

If you are interested in working with Bionic Trousers Media for your project, please contact us.