Friday Nights


Wizards of the Coast


2012, 2013


After seeing a video made for LoadingReadyRun about Magic: The Gathering, Wizards of the Coast commissioned us to make a series of four videos using our “Commodore Hustle” characters to promote the collectible card game in an official capacity. The series successfully tread the line between being entertaining for veteran players and accessible and informative for new players. During production, we worked closely with Wizards of the Coast to ensure the videos were reflecting their brand identity and leveraged our contacts with local businesses to show the game being played in an exciting, but realistic context. After airing, many people contacted us, saying Friday Nights had been responsible for introducing them to the game, and had re-engaged many lapsed players. The series proved to be very popular and Wizards of the Coast renewed Friday Nights for a further 12 episodes in 2013/2014 due to fan demand.

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Friday Nights Youtube Playlist

Friday Night Episode 1 "Untap"