Dungeons & Dragons Product Integration


Wizards of the Coast




For this project, Wizards of the Coast worked with us to integrate various Dungeons & Dragons products into several of our existing series. Rather than create a series of ads, we chose instead to incorporate the materials in a natural, unobtrusive way, using the featured D&D products as inspiration  to create videos that featured the products while maintaining the integrity of the series.

Following this approach we were able to create three videos using D&D products:

>> An episode of LoadingReadyRun showcasing the characters from the Legend of Drizzt boardgame and exploring what they might actually think while a game was being played out.

>> An episode of our comedy news commentary show Feed Dump using D&D Fortune cards as props to enhance the jokes

>> An episode of our self-parodying sitcom Commodore Hustle where our characters played D&D

All three videos were well received by our fan community and Wizards of the Coast.


A video using the 'Legend of Drizzt' board game